Shipping & Orders

  • Hey It's Been A While, But My Order Isn't Here, What Should I Do?
    • Please contact our customer if your parcel has not arrived, and our service will follow your order.
  • How Can I Get Free Shipping?
    • Our free shipping amount is $79, and less than $79 is required to charge the shipping fee, you can check this page for the specific shipping fee.
  • Where Can I Get My Tracking Number For My Order?
    • Once your order is sent out, the system will send the logistics information to the email address where you placed the order. However, If your logistics information is abnormal, please contact our customer service at, our customer will follow up and solve it.
  • How Long Will It Take My Order To Arrive?
    • Depending on the country, the corresponding logistics time is also different, you can check the logistics time of the corresponding country from Shipping & Delivery.
  • Can I Amend My Order?
    • If you need to modify the size, color, address, or other information, you cannot modify on your side, please contact our customer service ASAP, so that we can modify it for you before the order is sent out.
  • Can I Cancel My Order?
    • If you need to cancel the order, it cannot be canceled on your side, you also need to contact us via email: to cancel ASAP. We can help you cancel the order before it is sent out. Once the order is sent out, it cannot be canceled.
  • What should I do if I haven't received the package?
    • We will send the corresponding logistics information to the mailbox where the order was placed, please check and receive the package in time, if you come back more than 3 working days and report that the package is not found, we will not deal with it.
  • Returns & Exchanges

  • What Is The Return & Exchange Policy?
    • Should you wish to have your product returned back to us for an exchange or a refund, please ensure that :

      Returned items must have tags intact and be returned in their original packaging;

      Returned items must not be soiled, washed, or altered, with no visible signs of wear or tear;

      The purchaser will return the item at own cost, we will issue exchanges free of charge thereafter;

      For our return and exchange policy, please visit our Return & Exchange policy.

  • How Long Will It Take For Us To Process Your Exchange Or Return?
    • The exchange will be processed once we have received your return tracking information, therefore, please ensure that the information is provided to our Customer support team! As for refunds, we will process your refunds once the return order has arrived at the warehouse and passed inspections.

      Any other questions you can send us an email with your name and order number to and we will be happy to assist you with your request."

  • Product Information

  • Your Items Are Often Sold Out, When Will You Be Restocking them?
    • We have a lot of hot-selling items that are temporarily out of stock, but we will try our best to replenish them. In order to ship to you as soon as possible, you can also contact our customer service to contact the stock situation.
  • What Happens If An Item Arrives Damaged?
    • We are terribly sorry if this happened, please allow us to resolve this matter as soon as possible by contacting us at within 7 days after the product was received.
  • How Should I Care For My Garments?
    • Each of our shirts has a washing label, you can wash the shirts according to the above instructions, if you have any questions, you can also contact our customer service email.
  • General

  • Do You Accept Wholesale Inquiries?
    • Yes, support wholesale and you can reach out to our team at and our representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible!
  • What Are Your Payment Methods?
    • We accept payments via PayPal, Visa、Discover、Diners Club、American Express Master Card, and debit cards.
  • Why did the credit card payment fail?
    • About the security verification code:

      The code you entered for security verification may be incorrect or the credit card you are using may not be accepted. Please call the 800 number on the back of your card to ensure that your credit card bank accepts the payment, and try again.

      Regarding restrictions:

      It seems like you have exceeded your credit card's daily limit. Please use a different credit card or contact your credit card company directly.

      About the card number:

      The card number you entered may be incorrect. Please check the card number and try again. If the card is not valid, please use a different credit card or contact your credit card company directly.

      About the validity period:

      The expiration date you entered may be incorrect. Please check the expiration date and try again.

      About transaction failure:

      Please use a different credit card or contact your credit card company directly and try your purchase again.

      Other errors:

      There was an error verifying your credit card information. Please contact your credit card company directly for more details regarding the cause of the error.

      Please note:

      Orders that were not successfully paid for will still be kept in the shopping cart. Once you have determined the cause of the error, click the "Pay Again" button to continue with your purchase.